Work Content

Civil litigation and other conflict resolution

・Various litigation related to intellectual property rights, such as patent rights infringement lawsuits
・Litigation related to real estate transactions
・Other litigation related to corporate transactions

Intellectual property rights

・Developing intellectual property rights strategy structures, giving advice
・Advice in all stages of the process from discovery and invention to the acquisition of patent rights
・Patent specifications checking
・Checking opinions and revision documents, sitting in on patent examiner meetings
 *Our firm does not offer patent application by proxy services.
・Advice related to trademarks and Unfair Competition Prevention Law
・Contract related to licensing, joint development, consigned development, and other technology transactions
・All kinds of legal operations related to intellectual property rights

Patent DD

・Patent rights evaluations for target companies (business coverage, validity)
・In-house patent evaluation support   

Real Estate

・Legality checks for real estate transaction methods
・Legality checks for contracts of all kinds of real estate transactions
・Advice for negotiations prior to litigation proceedings/proxy services
・Advice for disputes at all stages of development, construction, transactions, and deconstruction projects

Handling Scandals

・Advice related to handling scandals immediately after occurrences or later on
・Development of scandal prevention structures ​

Competition Law

・Advice related to the Antitrust Act
・Advice related to subcontract law ​

Other Corporate Legal Affairs

・Other Corporate Legal Affairs   ​